God's word declares, “The footsteps of the righteous are ordered of God.” (Psalm 37:23) I have no doubt, God ordained that Ann was to be my editor.

From my childhood days it was my dream to be a writer. Despite some challenging visual difficulties, Ann patiently helped to bring my dream to fruition. Not only did she guide me through the editing of my first published manuscript, she patiently mentored me through the publishing process.

Throughout each step, Ann went beyond the call of duty to work with me and answer all of my questions. Her personal interest in my work has encouraged me to continue publishing. I will be eternally grateful not only for Ann's professional advise and counsel, but for the dear friend she has become.  
Patricia Nixon

Ann edited my book Behind The Glass: An Innocent Woman Tells Her Story of A Year In Jail. I had never attempted to write anything except my blogs and an occasional letter to the editor. My writing was raw and needed a lot of work. She painstakingly worked with me to help me improve my writing as well as my editing skills. The result was a manuscript better than I could have imagined. I have gotten nothing but rave reviews from those who have read it. And I credit that mostly to Ann's editing. If you need anything edited---book, essay, article, etc. http://Writepathway.com is where you want to be.
Dyan R. Lollis

A number of editors were recommended to me which made my decision difficult at first. However,I prayed about it and was led to select Ann. After reviewing samples from the other editors, I am convinced I made the right choice.
Ann is a patient, knowledgeable, and experienced editor with magnificent interpersonal attributes. Above all, she is a true child of God, one of whom I have had the greatest respect and confidence from beginning to end. Many thanks, Ann, for the care and patience you have contributed to your work. I will be calling on you again. In the meantime, may God's Blessings continue to surround you.

Dr. Portia Brown-Jordan (Bahamas)

Ann was great! She went far beyond what we asked her to do for us. She answered all my questions and even raised some that I didn’t think about. I will use her again and would recommend her to anyone seeking an editor that does great work.

Richard Warner (CA)

We were very much satisfied with the quality work you provided in preparing our manuscript for presentation to the publisher. Your valuable contribution will always be appreciated by all of us. Thank you.

Drs. R. L. and Ruby Yates and Family (GA)

Ann Knowles is an amazing, very patient editor to work with. She is an experienced ESL teacher and English is my second language; her help was invaluable. She encouraged me all the way until the book was done. She edited the first half of the book, but due to my being a visual learner, I was forced to have someone sit with me at the final stages of editing. Ann was too far away for that. HOWEVER, that did not stop this amazing woman from helping me. She continued to send me e-mails with help for cover letters, publishing and marketing.She sent notes of encouragement for me to continue what God has called me to do. I could not have finished this project without her professional help and support. If you choose Ann as your editor, you will be blessed indeed.
Rebeca DePra (NY)