My young teenage daughter wrote a series of mystery stories for young readers (ages 8-12) and after considering the possibility, we decided to try to get it published. We both prayed and searched for guidance in making this dream come true. Ann Knowles at Write Pathway realized the potential in my daughter's writing ability and sought to both mentor her and guide us in the editing and self-publishing process. Her prayers and encouragement and patience were so helpful. What excitement and sense of accomplishment Tracy and I both felt when her 1st book was being bought for Christmas presents. Getting reviews from young readers, teenagers, and adults has given Tracy a thrill in doing something not many young teens have done and inspiration to edit and publish the rest of the stories. Thank you, Ann, for working with us and believing in our project. We are so thankful for your ideas and insight in how her stories might also benefit children with reading challenges. You and Stan have been wonderful and we appreciate all of your guidance, encouragement, advice, and helpful hints.
Julie Willenbring and 
Tracy Willenbring (age 13), WI

Ann Knowles is a very efficient and detail-oriented editor. She is dedicated to making sure her clients' work represents them in a professional matter. Ann works long and hard to ensure that she has given her clients the best of herself. Ann is a Christian editor and it shows in every conversation and interaction she has with her clients. Ann stops at nothing to make sure her client's work is as near perfect as it can be. I highly recommend her services.

Trina Tubman, VA

From the acknowledgments page in Building Your Marriage on the Solid Rock by Mike Williamson, in both Spanish and in English:

Cada autor necesita un buen editor, y para esta edición en español fui afortunado de haber encontrado a Ann Knowles. Ann asumió la tarea de, no solo editar el trabajo en español, sino la tarea adicional necesaria de comparar el español con el inglés para que coincida con el significado, el tono y las expresiones idiomáticas de la lengua inglés (no es una tarea pequeña). Para aquellos que buscan una excelente editora y bilingüe, pueden encontrar sus servicios en http://writepathway.com/

Every author needs a Good editor, and for this edition in Spanish I was fortunate to have found Ann Knowles. Ann assumed the work of, not only editing the work en Spanish, without the additional work necessary to compare the Spanish with the English in order that the meaning is the same, the tone and the idiomatic expressions are the same in the English language (it is no small job). For those who are looking for an excellent editor and one that is bilingual, they can find her services at http://write-pathway.com.

Mike Williamson

As a first-time author, I was clueless about the expectations of an editor. Ann was very honest and passionate about knowing who I was and what my inspiration was for writing this book She was very professional in her responses and communication with the editing process along the way. We agreed upon a time-frame and she stuck by it the entire time. I feel very fortunate to have had her experience, talent, and wisdom with The Art of Healing. I am blessed to have her and her prayers!

Tiwana Tucker, FL

I love the edits. You reminded me of a lot of things I was taught but have forgotten, like parallel construction, saying something in as few words as possible, and so many other things. You have also taught me some new things. I absolutely love your editing style, Thank you.

Deanna Whittington, MD

Thank you so much for all of your help! Your editing, prayers, and encouragement have been a huge blessing to me. God knew I needed you as my editor and I couldn’t be more thankful that He chose you! 
                                                                                                        Alexandra Sopocy, CO

Ann, I have attended several writing conferences and taken many classes, but this is by far the best class I’ve ever attended. I have more useful information to take home with me than from any other workshop. Thank you so much.

Susan (2016 GPCWC)

God's word declares, “The footsteps of the righteous are ordered of God.” (Psalm 37:23) I have no doubt, God ordained that Ann was to be my editor.
From my childhood days it was my dream to be a writer. Despite some challenging visual difficulties, Ann patiently helped to bring my dream to fruition. Not only did she guide me through the editing of my first published manuscript, she patiently mentored me through the publishing process.

Throughout each step, Ann went beyond the call of duty to work with me and answer all of my questions. Her personal interest in my work has encouraged me to continue publishing. I will be eternally grateful not only for Ann's professional advise and counsel, but for the dear friend she has become.                  
                                                                                                              Patricia Nixon, FL

Ann edited my book Behind The Glass: An Innocent Woman Tells Her Story of A Year In Jail. I had never attempted to write anything except my blogs and an occasional letter to the editor. My writing was raw and needed a lot of work. She painstakingly worked with me to help me improve my writing as well as my self-editing skills. The result was a manuscript better than I could have imagined. I have gotten nothing but rave reviews from those who have read it. And I credit that mostly to Ann's editing. If you need anything edited---book, essay, article, etc. http://write-pathway.com is where you want to be. .

Dyan R. Lollis, VA

A number of editors were recommended to me which made my decision difficult at first. However, I prayed about it and was led to select Ann. After reviewing samples from the other editors, I am convinced I made the right choice.

Ann is a patient, knowledgeable, and experienced editor with magnificent interpersonal attributes. Above all, she is a true child of God, one of whom I have had the greatest respect and confidence from beginning to end. Many thanks, Ann, for the care and patience you have contributed to your work. I will be calling on you again. In the meantime, may God's Blessings continue to surround you.

Dr. Portia Brown-Jordan, Bahamas

Ann was great! She went far beyond what we asked her to do for us. She answered all my questions and even raised some that I didn’t think about. I will use her again and would recommend her to anyone seeking an editor that does great work.

Richard Warner, CA

We were very much satisfied with the quality work you provided in preparing our manuscript for presentation to the publisher. Your valuable contribution will always be appreciated by alof us. Thank you.

Drs. R. L. and Ruby Yates and Family, GA

Ann Knowles is an amazing, very patient editor to work with. She is an experienced ESL teacher and English is my second language; her help was invaluable. She encouraged mall the way until the book was done. She edited the first half of the book, but due to my being a visual learner, I was forced to have someone sit with me at the final stages of editing. Ann was too far away for that. HOWEVER, that did not stop this amazing woman from helping me. She continued to send me e-mails with help for cover letters, publishing and marketing.She sent notes of encouragement for me to continue what God has called me to do. I could not have finished this project without her professional help and support. If you choose Ann as your editor, you will be blessed indeed.
Becky DePra, NY

Ann, thank you so much for your encouraging words. We did meet at the 2012 KCWC, and I will be eternally grateful. My first thought was that CTTW dramas were a wonderful idea but a lot of work. However, God did not let me go, and I'm so glad. Because of my husband's health, I can no longer go on international mission trips. However, God has used my dramas to touch more lives through CTTW than I could have touched in a lifetime of short-term trips.   
Diana Derringer, KY

I attended the 2012 Kentucky Christian Writer’s Conference. The conference was life changing for me. I didn’t know any of the speakers; as a result, I had no idea which workshops to attend, and chose them at random.

Almost. One class caught my attention: “Extending Your Ministry through Writing.” In the workshop, Ann Knowles introduced us to Christ to the World Ministries. CTTW is an all-volunteer organization that broadcasts radio dramas all over the world, focusing on places where it is difficult or impossible to reach traditionally, places where the message of Christ is restricted or banned altogether. But radio waves, it seems, are impossible to stop, and radio dramas that are translated into local languages have no literacy barriers. Feedback from many of these areas indicates that men and women who would otherwise never hear the name of Jesus are not only listening to the dramas, but are turning to Jesus as their savior.

At the end of the workshop, Ann challenged us to consider writing drama episodes for CTTW, and gave us the appropriate contact information. She said that the work was expanding rapidly, and the organization was in need of writers who would be willing to donate time and energy to this effort.

After returning home, I continued to think and pray about her challenge, and a few weeks later made contact with the editor at CTTW Ministries. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Since that time, I have written 77 half-hour drama episodes, some of which have been translated into several languages and broadcast in Indonesia, Mongolia, South America and northern Africa. It is both humbling and exciting to think that I am part of an organization that is making a huge impact as Christ continues building His kingdom around the globe, one person at a time.

*William Flowers, SC

*As of today, Bill Flowers has written over two hundred biblical dramas and radio scripts for "Christ to the World." Diana Derringer has written seventy-five dramas and related materials.