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Books and Newsletters:

Teaching Reading in Adult Basic Education, Wayne Community College, Goldsboro, NC, 1986.
As ABE reading specialist, my main responsibility was to research and compile this book to use in conducting workshops at thirteen community colleges in the eastern region of North Carolina.

Literacy Missions Newsletter for the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
1993-‘95 (Wrote and published quarterly) Served as Literacy Missions Consultant for the Baptist State Convention of NC 1995-97.

PEN Points, a publication of The Christian PEN, Proofreaders and Editors’ Network, served as Book Review coordinator for several years; currently serving as a member of the editorial team and also coordinator of the newsletter.


I Believe in Heaven, "To Heaven and Back," Cecil Murphey and Twila Belk

Life Lessons from Grandparents, "My Grandfather," compiled by Suzanne Williams and Tracy Ruckman

Life Lessons from Dads, "Never Give Up", compiled by Suzanne Williams and Tracy Ruckman


“Today and Tomorrow,” Mustard Seed Ministries, March 8, 2007

“God’s Plans for You,” Mustard Seed Ministries, April 30, 2007

“Prayer Patterns,” Missions Mosaic, (26 Daily Devotions for the month), July 2013.

“Go and Tell,” August 1, 2013

“Investments that Pay Big Dividends,”, December 24, 2013

“Arise and go to the Father,” May 7, 2014 

“The Eyes of God,” Christian Devotions, September 14, 2014

“Prayer Patterns,” Missions Mosaic, 2013 (28 devotions for the month)

“Prayer Patterns,” Missions Mosaic, May 2015 (28 devotions for the month)


“People Giving Hope," Royal Service, March ’91, Vol. 85, pp. 40-41

“God’s Love is No Secret,” Contempo, August ’92, Vol. 92, p. 10

“The Fall:  Biblical Basis for Missions,” Royal Service, August ’93, Vol. 88m., pp. 2-6

“Hide It in Your Heart,” Higher Ground, October 2008, p. 9

“Jesus in a Shoe Box: The Way to a Child’s Heart,” Missions Mosaic (cover story), November 2008, Vol. 14, No. 3, pp. 19-21

“God’s Love in a Shoe Box,” The Good Life, November 2008, p. 11

“Meetings 101: Elements of a Meeting,” WMU Leadership Planner, Winter 2009, p. 3

“Shades of REaD: Book Club:  How Can I Run a Tight Ship,” Missions Mosaic, February 2010

“Shout Out for Becky DePra, author of Hospitality in a Nutroll,” PEN Points, September 2010

“The Inasmuch” Ministry,” Women on Mission, 09/01/2010

“Single Again: Making it On Your Own” Missions Mosaic, April 2010, p. 21

“From the Mission Field to College in the US: The Re-Entry Retreat for MKs”
Missions Mosaic (cover story), April 2010, pp. 16-19

“Meetings 101: Flow and transition in Meetings,”  WMU Leadership Planner, Spring 2010, p. 3

“Meetings 101: Creative Meeting Venues,” WMU Leadership Planner, Summer 2010, p. 3

“Meetings 101: Meeting Enrichments,” WMU Leadership Planner, Fall 2010, p. 3

The Secret of the Batty by Marsha Hubler (Book Review), PEN Points, December 2009

Southern Belle’s Special Gift by Marsha Hubler Book Review), PEN Points,

“Ministering to Internationals: The Inasmuch Ministry,” Adults on Missions, August 2010

“Awakening the Leader in You,” Leadership Lifeline, Summer 2011

“Shades of REaD Book Club: Awakening the Leader in You,” Missions Mosaic, January 2011

“The Fragrance of Christ in Schools,” Adults on Missions, April 2011

Planning a Financial Seminar,” Women on Mission, July 1, 2011

“The Art of Becoming a Better Writer,” July 11, 2012

“50 Years—A History of Literacy Missions,” NC Baptist State Convention, 2011

Therefore, Go—A Preview of London, England,” Adults on Mission, 12/01/2011

Awaken the Leader in You,” Book Review, Women on Mission, 01/01/2011

“ It’s the Dash  that Counts: Dr. Martha Myers,” (cover story) Missions Mosaic, February 2012

Dr. Martha: Asking Nothing—Giving Everything,” Adults on Mission, 02/01/2012

“Jonah, the Man Who Ran from God,” (Bible Story Leaflet) Christ to the world Ministries, March 2012.

 “Debt Bondage: Slavery without Shackles,” Women on mission, 6/01/2012

Oksana: How a Small Gift Changed Her Life,” Missionary Focus, Missions Mosaic,” 08/01/2012

 “Where Are You God…in the Dessert,” Missionary Focus, Missions Mosaic, February 2013.

“What is a Book Review?” June 13, 2013.

“When Disaster Strikes,” Missions Mosaic, August 2013,

“Our Gifts in the Manger,” Adults on Mission, December 2013

“Compelled to Compassion” (World Hunger), October-Fall Quarter, Missions Leader, pp 5-6

“Called to Give—Tithing Everything,” Missions Mosaic, July, 2014

“Mentoring Men for the Master--Christian Men’s Job Corps,” Missions Mosaic, August 2014 (cover story)

“How Do You Love Loud? Ask Lorna Bius,” Missionary Focus, Missions Mosaic, September 2014

“Living Loud,” Women on Missions, September 2014

“Reflect and Respond,” Missions Mosaic, August 2014

“Created with a Purpose—Bought with a Price,” Adults On Mission, September 2014

“Life Crisis,” Missions Mosaic, March 2015

“Reflect and Respond,” Missions Mosaic, May 2015

“The World Around Us,” Missions Mosaic, June 2015

Radio Dramas for Christ to the World Ministries:

“Jonah: The Man Who Ran From God,” April 26, 2012

“God Would Not Let Jonah Go,”

“The God of the Second Chance”

Bible Study Scripts—Hear the Word, Christ to the World Ministries:

“Jonah: The Man Who Ran From God,” Part 1, November 2012

“God Would Not Let Jonah Go,” Part 2, November 2012

“The God of Second Chances,” Part 3, November 2012

Bible Story Leaflet

“The Story of Jonah,” March 2012

WIP: Phillip and Stephen: The First Missionaries

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